Alli Salibian – My Go To Protein!

“In My Own Training and on My Family’s Table, It’s My Go-to Protein

As the owner of a personal training studio and INBA Figure Champion, I am constantly checking my diet and my clients’ diets to ensure we are all staying on track with our protein needs to meet our goals. Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle gain (or both), Egg Whites International egg whites are the purest form of protein to help break down the barriers and boost success. I’m never going to use/suggest protein powder again, now that I’ve been so successful with this product.

Additionally, I keep a balanced diet in the forefront of my mind when I’m preparing food for my family. For breakfast, I make egg white shakes for me and my husband, and I put egg whites in my children’s cereal. We all get pure protein, no additional fat, and we are sure to get 12% more protein by drinking it, rather than cooking it. No more time-wasting hot breakfasts for us! Snacks, lunches and dinners all include our Egg Whites International egg whites in some form or another. As the chef of our household, it is the first ingredient I reach for when preparing our meals!”