Amanda Cotton – Truly Made A Difference !

“I am currently 7 months pregnant with twins… its been a challenging pregnancy to say the least. 3 months ago they were diagnosed with Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This is a condition only found in identical twins that are in separate amniotic sacs. One baby is getting too much blood flow while the other is getting too little. Doctors say it is a defect in the placenta and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it. I have to go to a high risk doctor weekly, sometimes twice a week to have every thing monitored. We got to a point where we were at risk of losing one or both babies and had to see a specialist is Houston. This specialist will review medical history and a sonogram to see if you qualify for a surgery to close off some blood flows and create new ones in the placenta. The fluid levels in the amniotic sac have to be at a 10 cm or greater for one baby and at or under 2 cm in the other for surgery to be done (ideal, healthy levels are between 7 and 4). We were at 9.1 and 1.6… they told us to go home and basically wait for it to get worse. The doctor said “you’ll be back, I know enough to know we’ll see you again”. This is the statement we hear after being told we have an 80-90% chance of death in one or both babies. I freaked out!!

I’m not a doctor, nor do I know anything about twin twin transfusion syndrome… but I do know protein helps a placenta and the blood. I ordered your egg whites and started adding 5-6 pumps in my protein shakes… each shake would have about 45 grams of protein in the end. After the first week of using the egg whites we saw a 1/2 centimeter improvement… it doesn’t sound like much but it was HUGE!! Every week we have seen signs of improvement, the fluid levels are 7.5 and 3.5 and the blood flow to the babies’ brains has improved. We no longer need surgery and its pretty much not an option anymore. Our doctors are impressed with the improvement and we are classified “stable” at this time. We hope to go 9-12 more weeks and deliver 2 healthy babies.

Once all is said and done, I’ll continue with the egg whites to get my pre-prego body back… I’m not on board with a homely mom body. Haha. I’m pretty stoked about watching my own transformation. I just wanted to let you know that the egg whites aren’t only a health and fitness product to us… it has truly made a difference in our lives. THANKYOU!!!!!!”

UPDATE: “We made it!! On 5/11/2012 we delivered 2 healthy babies. After all of the stress and doubts we were able to exhale and see these boys!

Next week I will start my journey back to getting fit. Rest assured we will be implementing egg whites in my fitness and nutrition regimen!!”