Amy Lucero – I Am 100% Convinced !

“My name is Amy Lucero – I’m 38, a mother of 2 healthy boys and a new Figure Competitor πŸ™‚ I first ordered Egg Whites International over 7 years ago when I was just getting into “serious” mode with a personal trainer. Finding them through fitness magazine advertisements I placed my order and I have loved them from day 1. They helped me lose over 25lbs and get to 14% body fat! My favorite way to have them was in the morning… egg whites, cold coffee, and flavored creamer πŸ™‚ but I also enjoy egg poppers on my salads, protein pancakes, an array of omelets and protein pudding YUM. Dial ahead 7 years – I start prepping for my first competition… and included my orders of Egg Whites International.

After this order I am fortunate enough to talk with “Mac” over the phone about my goals and how Egg Whites can help even more. The most intriguing part of our talk is how Egg Whites can actually help me sleep! WHAT? He explains how having the Egg Whites just before bed will actually help me sleep better and to try it out. Intense training can be hard on the body – and hard on getting proper rest but we all know how important rest is for life in general and especially for training. Whether we are building muscle or burning fat – our body repairs, builds and “works” when we sleep so that resting energy should be used efficiently and what better way than with pure Egg Whites! I had eaten casein pudding before bed so why not make less of a mess and enjoy it more with an Egg Whites shake! I mean, I had tried Gaba, Melatonin, Sleepy teas, etc… sometimes they worked but not every time which was frustrating.

So, I try out Mac’s “sleep trial” where I track the nights I have the egg whites vs nothing or other supplements. I did this during my entire 4 month prep. EVERY time I drank the egg whites right before bed – I slept through the night with no issues. No getting up to go to the bathroom, no tossing and turning to get comfortable. My muscles weren’t sore in the morning, I felt GOOD like a deep sleep should feel in the morning, even my eyes felt rested and when I started my day I felt ready to go πŸ™‚ This past week, after my competition, I was on a little bit of a high πŸ™‚ I placed 3rd in Novice B Class and 1st in Masters 35+!! So humbling and amazing… but back to having my bedtime issues of tossing and turning. The last 2 nights I’ve taken my egg whites before bed and have slept amazing!

At this point I have completed my sleep trial and I am 100% convinced πŸ™‚ Egg Whites International has permanently changed my bedtime routine and I’m now going to add it to my boys’ routine as well. Who doesn’t want a yummy shake before bed?!

Thank you Mac and the whole Egg Team – your products and support through phone calls and email mean more than you’ll ever know. I feel very blessed to be added to a Team of amazing people and products.”