Heather Jones – Amazing Addition to My Diet!

“Egg Whites International has proven to be an amazing addition to my diet! I am a 41-year old mother of two boys that strives to maintain a lean physique 365 days of the year! There is no on or off season for me! As a former figure competitor and current fitness model, I have to ALWAYS be in shape! I could be called for a photoshoot at anytime. Incorporating EWI into my daily food program has been a godsend. Adding it to my shakes, scrambling them, baking with them… knowing that I no longer have to buy dozens of eggs, only to throw away all of the yolks is a huge plus!

My 2 year old is VERY picky and a carboholic! I can add EWI into anything and he won’t notice that I am sneaking in the vital protein that his little growing body needs! I am in love with the taste and consistancy EWI creates for my protein shakes now! Egg Whites International is a MUST in any diet where leaness, muscle growth/maintanence and providing your body with the best protein available are your #1 goals!”