Karye McLendon – The Most Convenient Lean Protein Ever!

“I love the convenience and the simplicity of Egg Whites International egg whites. I have been approached by numerous other supplement companies that have asked me to represent or solicit their products. I always declined because I can not promote a product that I do not personally use and can stand behind 100%. Whether it was the chemical ingredients, artificial sugars, digestive issues, food allergies or trumped up claims of weight loss, I just could not honestly market the product. However, my whole family uses these Egg Whites.

They are tasteless, mix easily in beverages, microwave, scramble…. they are the most convenient lean protein ever! Not only do my younger children unknowing drink their extra protein in their milk, my older children and my husband use it daily for extra protein. They cause me no digestive issues that I invariably suffer from with whey concentrate or other egg whites. I am very happy to become an affiliate and spread the word about this company and their amazing product!”