Kimberly Ross – Immediate Lover of the Product!

Kimberly Ross, affectionately known to many as Kimmy, is a board certified Registered Nurse and nationally certified Nurse Educator.

Kimberly has been a ZUMBA and Group Fitness enthusiast and instructor for five years, but has had an affinity towards music, dance, and fitness all of her life. She developed a more focused interest in fitness during her six years as a Captain in the United States Air Force. Kimmy is a personal trainer and is currently certified to teach several forms of group exercise classes, including ZUMBA, boot camps, strength training, and U Jam Fitness.

Kimmy established a strong following from her classes and social media, which led to the establishment of Kimmy F.I.T. Fitness, a brand committed to a host of fitness and wellness-related services. In May 2012, Kimmy trained herself and competed in the Women’s Figure division of the Texas Lone Star Musclemania Competition in Galveston, TX. This was her first body building competition. Kimmy took home multiple wins, including the overall championship title and later a Muscle Mania Pro card!

It was at this time that Kimmy was also introduced to Egg Whites International!! She became an immediate lover of the product. Later, Kimmy went on to place 1st in the Drop Zone Physique Showdown (April 2014) where she earned two pro cards and the Naturally Fit Games in Austin (July 2014) where she won her professional debut.

When she is not working or being a mommy to her pit bull terrier, Diamond, Kimmy is teaching classes, training and counseling clients, or preparing for her next show.