Madeline Emery – I Will Forever Be A Customer!

“Egg Whites International egg whites are completely different from the rest. Starting off, the product is priced well beyond reasonable. Me and my fiance spent an enormous amount of money on eggs and small egg white containers. We each eat over 9 egg whites a day. When we found out about Egg Whites International and the large quantities you buy we were beyond thrilled. We have saved so much money.

The egg whites taste fresh and the pump is INCREDIBLY convenient. My protein intake is over 200 grams a day, and your egg whites make it very easy to reach that goal daily. I don’t have to cook them like regular eggs, I can put them in my oats, my drinks, anything; and this is all possible because they are tasteless! Goodbye to the days of worrying about meeting my protein and hello delicious new recipes for drinks with egg whites! Egg White International’s egg whites have helped me in numerous ways. I will forever be a customer!”