Melissa Bautista – Much Quicker Recovery !

“I have been an avid ‘jogger’ for a lot of years. Two years ago I decided to try a marathon. I have been hooked ever since. After my long runs I noticed I would have lots of soreness. I have had three knee surgeries and as long as I keep my weight down, don’t have problems, but my recovery time from my long runs was brutal. My oldest child is 23 and ever since that pregnancy I have never been able to eat red meat. Because I am a horrible cook I would be lucky to eat anything at all.

I had to start physical therapy for a car accident and the physical therapist asked me about my protein intake. I had just come from the San Antonio Marathon and had ordered my first batch of “Egg Whites International”. I started my routine with 4 pumps of egg whites with soy milk in the morning and the same in the evening. I drink low fat chocolate soy milk and with the protein it tastes like a milk shake, without all the calories. I quickly noticed a difference in my skin and hair and I recovered quite quickly from the accident. The PT told me it was the increase in protein that made all the difference.

When I began to run again, I noticed much quicker recovery time and just all over better health. I am a petite person and always wore a size 4 or 6. Since I started with the protein I seem to snack less and have lots more energy. I am able to run longer and more often. My body has changed quite a bit. I have not lost one pound but now am a perfect size 0. It really helps my knees to stay thin.

I thought it would difficult to drink the egg whites, but with no taste and my chocolate milk, it’s as if I’m having a snack. I think this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and would highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t get enough protein in their diet. Now I don’t worry when I skip meals and such. I am such a poor eater, but I never get sick. I am healthier than I’ve ever been.”