Vanessa Ortiz – Great Products and Solid Reputation!

Wow, I really appreciate companies that support natural athletes, and Egg Whites International has great products and a solid reputation. I love the convenience of the egg whites! I used to pack my fridge with dozens of eggs just to throw away the yolks! Egg Whites International is a very convenient source of protein and the product itself is awesome. I love how versatile this product is giving me full range for creativity in the kitchen. I also like that I can stretch my protein powder to last longer, I can now only use a 1/2 scoop of powder and, instead of water, mix in a cup of liquid egg whites which has 26 grams of protein alone with no added chemicals. Since each pump is an oz I no longer need to measure it and shakes turn out nice, smooth, and delicious! Thanks Eggs Whites International you guys are the BEST!”