Affiliate Income Program

The Egg Whites International Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity to earn big bucks in the multi-billion dollar nutrition, whole foods, and supplement industry. Egg Whites International supplies all natural 100% pure liquid egg whites - USDA and Kosher approved. Our product is pasteurized, salmonella tested, and Avidin neutralized. Pure liquid egg whites are the purest form of protein known to man in the entire world and are 100% bio-available, which means none of the valuable Amino acids are wasted. They are great for cooking and because our liquid egg whites are completely tasteless and odorless, 90% of our customers use them in place of water or milk when mixing their protein powders. Eight ounces of our liquid egg whites supply 26 grams of pure protein that is 100% bio-available so you only need to use half the amount of protein powder that you would normally mix with water or milk... your protein powders will last twice as long - saving money while achieving a better result! Our website has an extremely high conversion rate with testimonials from many of the worlds most celebrated bodybuilders, fitness models, sports performance experts, and nutritionists. The timing has never been better (Especially now that Low Carb - High Protein Diets have become so popular for Fat Loss and promoting Lean Muscle Gains) and we pay a generous 12% affiliate commission based on gross sale. Our average sale is over $90.00 with most customers reordering on a regular basis. We use a technologically superior tracking code to monitor your affiliate sales that NEVER EXPIRES... Sell them once - get paid forever!
How does the affiliate program work?
In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is quite simply a "win-win" arrangement in which you place specially coded links in emails, on websites or blogs, or post to social-media. When clicked, these links refer potential customers to us and, when a sale is made from your referral, you receive 12% of the gross sale. Our average sale is over $90.00 so you'd pocket an easy $10.80 and since most customers reorder on a regular basis commissions can really add up fast. The more people that visit your site and click on your link the more money you make. Double the sales and you get double the $$. Triple the sales and you receive... we'll, you get the idea!
How does the affiliate program work?
We've teamed up with who is an independent 3rd party that tracks all activity and pays you directly for sales. When you register as our affilate through ShareAsale (It's free and easy) you will be given specially coded referal links which you can place on your website. You can also include these links in emails to friends or email lists who've elected to receive mailings from you When a potential customer clicks one of your referring links, they are first routed through ShareAsale before landing at our site. This is completely invisible to the customer but alerts ShareAsale to "track" any sales made. In addition, we've asked ShareAsale to continue monitoring all activity from that customer, whether they made a purchase or not, so that if at any time in the future the customer returns to our site and buys you still get credit - even if they come back to our site by some other means than through your original link! You are able to log into the ShareAsale administration area and get complete real time stats including such things as: number of hits, number of sales, conversion ratio, profit per click, total account earnings and so forth. You are also able to get banners, text ads, training tips and other resources so you can effectively market Egg Whites International. ShareAsale will issue you a check on the 20th for the previous month's sales. They can also deliver electronic direct bank deposits into your specified account.
How to join?
That's simple, just click on this link If you have any questions send me an email: Now - Let's go sell some eggs!