SPORT COACHES Testimonials


Dr. E.J. Kreis – EWI Is The Cutting Edge !

“Egg Whites International has separated themselves from all others. This is the authenticity of protein, clear, clean and pure.

EWI has developed a product which is easily absorbed and digested by the body, allowing for outstanding physical development.

EWI has elevated the recovery and building blocks with the egg white protein. We have now gone into the next generation of super-foods.

EWI has broadened the imagination and development of egg whites by simplifying the industry’s use and gained unlimited results. EWI is the cutting edge of developing the greatest form of protein with the simplicity of the egg.”

-Dr. E.J. "Doc" Kreis / Hall of Fame Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presently at DISC Sports Performance, Los Angeles, CA


Mark Campbell – Getting Faster Results !

“Several of my athletes have been taking egg whites for several months now and are extremely happy. The recovery after workouts is amazing. My athletes are not as sore the next day allowing them to workout harder.

It is so easy to take and you can mix it with anything to flavor it however you want it. I use orange juice and vanilla yogurt to make an orange ‘cream-sicle’ shake. Or I put in peanut butter, chocolate and yogurt in it to make a peanut butter chocolate shake. When I don’t have time for a shake I just drink it straight, as there is no smell and no taste.

I have noticed that my athletes that are taking it are getting faster results than the athletes that aren’t taking it. They are leaning up and getting stronger.

The thing I like most is that egg whites are a whole food and a complete protein, so their bodies will absorb all of the protein and nutrients in it. There is no synthetic anything in it so you are really getting your money’s worth from this product.

Thanks, Egg Whites International, for making a great product that I can trust.”

- Mark Campbell /  CSCS, ACSM, ACE, AFAA, YMCAFS certified, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Idaho State University


Ian Gentile – I’m In The Best Shape Of My Life !

“Normally, I would never have interest in an opportunity sucha s this. However, this product has truly changed the way I live my life. I’m eating healthier, training smarter, and building muscle unlike any other time of my life. Although I’ve always been fit, I have truly committed to the bodybuilding and weightlifting lifestyle for the past 6 years. Now, at age 30, I’m in the best shape of my life and about to embark on a strength training regime that will ultimately culminate in my competing in my first powerlifting competition.

In my professional life, I work in player development for the top professional hockey league in North America. Suffice to say, I am surrounded by world class athletes. I know and have experienced firsthand, what it takes to be the best. It takes a total commitment from the weight room to the board room to the ice and beyond.

Perhaps we can get together and come up with some creative ways to influence others to adopt a healthier lifestyle — I am motivated to help others change their lives, their diets, and their health.

In my social circles, I’ve become known as the ‘egg whites guy’. My friends get the biggest kick out of me buying my egg whites online by the box-full. But, their loving teasing tends to stop once they see the changes in my physique and the progress I’ve made in the weight room.”

- Ian Gentile / Player Development