Kristine Duba – Makes a Huge Difference !

“Eggwhites International has made it easy for me to get the amount of protein I need in my diet in order to train my hardest and perform my best on the IFBB Fitness stage. I have a busy and very physically demanding job as a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and gymnastics coach. It is not uncommon for me to teach upwards of 15 classes a week on top of my training for fitness competitions. When I am on the go, it is crucial for me to get the right kind nutrients in order to maintain lean muscle and stay energized. Eggwhites International helps me achieve this daily, and for that I am thankful!

My two favorite things about Eggwhites INT is: one, the convenience of having a pre-meausred pump (1 pump is 1 oz, 1 eggwhite, and 3.25g of protein!) so I always know how many grams of protein I am getting and two, the fact that I can use this in any beverage, smoothie, protein shake, or even my cereal… they don’t have to be cooked! It’s like having liquid protein at my disposal in a super high quality form! It’s the small things in life that make a difference and this is one of those small things that makes a HUGE difference!”

-Kristine Duba / IFBB Fitness Pro, Fitness Model, CPT, Fitness Instructor


Sebastian Lewis – Most Sustainable Source of Protein !

“I use egg whites to help me burn fat and get the most sustainable source of protein that you can get so that I can build muscle mass at the same time. I love the product and it’s great and you can add it to any beverage or you can just drink it alone.”

- Sebastian Lewis / C.E.O Beautiful Bodies Health and Fitness Training


Saroj Corr – A Huge Staple in My Diet !

“I started using Egg Whites International as a competitor soon after my very first Bikini Body Building Competition. I love the fact that it is pasteurized and lasts in the freezer for 3 months. It saves me money as I buy 2 half gallon or 1 gallon at a time. I mix it daily with my oatmeal and protein and drink it as a shake. It also makes amazing fluffy omelettes and scrambled eggs. Since its flavorless and does not have the eggy flavor, I also add Walden Farm syrups, scramble and and add to oatmeal for a sweet treat in the mornings.

I am a masters bikini athlete, 2X nationally qualified and currently enjoying my off season, bulking and building more mass in preparation for my 2017 season. Egg Whites International is a huge staple in my diet.”

- Saroj Corr / Masters Bikini Athlete


Ian Gentile – I’m In The Best Shape Of My Life !

“Normally, I would never have interest in an opportunity sucha s this. However, this product has truly changed the way I live my life. I’m eating healthier, training smarter, and building muscle unlike any other time of my life. Although I’ve always been fit, I have truly committed to the bodybuilding and weightlifting lifestyle for the past 6 years. Now, at age 30, I’m in the best shape of my life and about to embark on a strength training regime that will ultimately culminate in my competing in my first powerlifting competition.

In my professional life, I work in player development for the top professional hockey league in North America. Suffice to say, I am surrounded by world class athletes. I know and have experienced firsthand, what it takes to be the best. It takes a total commitment from the weight room to the board room to the ice and beyond.

Perhaps we can get together and come up with some creative ways to influence others to adopt a healthier lifestyle — I am motivated to help others change their lives, their diets, and their health.

In my social circles, I’ve become known as the ‘egg whites guy’. My friends get the biggest kick out of me buying my egg whites online by the box-full. But, their loving teasing tends to stop once they see the changes in my physique and the progress I’ve made in the weight room.”

- Ian Gentile / Player Development


Michael Alfieri – I endorse and recommend them to everyone !

“At 52 I need the best protein available and I found it with Egg Whites International. I use them everyday in my shakes and I love an evening omelet. In over 35 years being involved in the fitness world I have tried numerous protein powders, shakes, bars and drinks! These egg whites surpass any quality proteins I’ve used, and the taste of these egg whites are like butter in your mouth!

I’ve been a fitness trainer and model for many years, and with these egg whites I’m given the opportunity to stay looking and feeling great for another 35 years! I endorse and recommend them to everyone! The best!”

- Michael Alfieri / Professional Fitness Trainer & Model


Jason Carwile – You Can’t Go Wrong !

“I can not believe the quality of protein in this product from Egg Whites International! I love it, I mix it with my post-workout shake, also love scrambling some egg whites up for my meal prep. Good source of protein and easy to incorporate in my daily macros. As a natural competitor and personal trainer, sometimes convenience is a huge part of daily life. This is perfect product to do just that.

I refer and encourage all my clients to try Egg Whites International. I also put some with my coffee, great way to get high quality filtered protein in a drink you enjoy! So easy, no mess, measuring pump for keeping track off protein for contest prep. You can’t go wrong!”

- Jason Carwile / NASM CPT, Competitive Bodybuilder


Michelle Kyparisis – Wow, What a Great Prize !

“I love Egg White’s International liquid egg whites! I was lucky enough to try the product after winning a gift certificate at the show where I received my Pro Card. I was intrigued by the company and I also thought, Wow what a great prize. I really appreciate companies that support natural athletes, and Egg Whites International has great products and a solid reputation. I love the convenience of the egg whites! No more buying cases of 2.5 dozen eggs just to throw away the yolks! I also like that I can stretch my protein powder to last longer, now I only use a 1/2 scoop and instead of water mix in a cup of liquid egg whites which has 26 grams of protein alone for an anabolic muscle boost.

It is also great to make iced coffee drinks with. I blend 1 cup egg whites, instant coffee, ice, and sugar free hazelnut syrup for a salmonella free and very delicious cool summer beverage. The recipes on the website are great and I am constantly coming up with creative ways to use liquid egg whites to get more protein in my diet.”

- Michelle Kyparisis / DFAC Natural Figure Pro


Rich Tuma – I Highly Recommend It!

“I’ve been using Liquid Egg Whites International myself for my contest prep for this years IFBB Kentucky Pro and I highly recommend it. It is pure hundred percent egg whites with no artificial ingredients and 100 % clean. It mixes well with my RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY as a shake or food. I made omelettes, pancakes, recipes and even made my shakes with it mixing RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY just use 1/2 serving of it and mix it with one cup of Egg Whites International liquid egg whites in place of water. It will taste the same or better and adds 26g of pure real food protein to any drink. It compliments your RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY Protein and saves you money. The amino acids from these to make it a perfect food to have for anybody trying to build muscle and keep body fat low. I highly recommend people using liquid egg whites as part of their every day meal plan.”

- Rich Tuma / IFBB Pro Physique, RTN CEO