LTC Douglas Dwayne Mathis, MD – I Utilize Egg Whites International All Year !

“I am a board certified radiologist and professional natural bodybuilder. I utilize the products from Egg Whites International as an essential, daily tool to fuel my workouts, reduce my body fat below 3%, and enhance my total health. While competing in the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation at 43 years old, I have won TWO different certifications to compete as a natural professional bodybuilder in the International Fitness and Physiques Association within the past 14 months. The first “pro-card” is the Master’s Division which encompasses athletes ages 40 and over; the overall pro-card allows me to compete against athletes potentially 10-20 years my junior.

As a natural bodybuilder I utilize Egg Whites International all year round to build mass and maintain leaness.”

-LTC Douglas Dwayne Mathis, MD / Professional Natural Bodybuilder


Sandesh K. Singh, M.D. – Place Your Order!

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- Sandesh K. Singh, M.D.