Celebrities & Pro's Testimonials


Lou Ferrigno – We Are Huge Fans!

The Ferrigno’s (Lou, Carla, Shanna, Lou Jr. and Brent)

“What would the Ferrigno Family be without protein – egg whites especially? We are a unit that strives for excellence in exercise and eating right. We only associate ourselves with products and people that we believe in. We are huge fans of Egg Whites International. Pure protein always shipped out the next day. Mac and the team have the best product around…”

-Lou Ferrigno / Mr. Universe (2x), Mr. America / Actor


Kevin Sorbo – Best Protein Source You Can Find!

“Egg Whites International is the ultimate Rock Star for protein!! My whole family uses it daily. My kids love it in their oatmeal in the morning. I use it in my fresh fruit shakes after my workouts and I make myself an omelette every day with turkey, chicken, and cheese!

Egg Whites International has the best protein source you can find. Here’s to good health and good weight management! Mix one cup with anything!!

Thanks EWI……you guys are great!!”

- Kevin Sorbo / Actor / Dad / Supporter: A World Fit For Kids


Gunter Schlierkamp – Using Egg Whites International In All My Shakes

“Hi my name is Gunter Schlierkamp and I am using Egg Whites International in all my shakes (morning , noon, evening). This way I need only half of the protein powder and I add some serious nutrition to my body. I don’t get bloated and my body uses the Egg Whites to a 100%. The Egg Whites and the protein powder combined give me even a more complete protein. I even think I stay leaner that way!”

- Gunter Schlierkamp / IFBB PRO / Mr. Universe / Actor


Bob Cicherillo – More Protein in a Lot Less Time

“As a professional Bodybuilder, Egg Whites are essential to my diet and preparation. When I discovered Egg Whites International in 2002, I knew it was going to change my life by saving me thousands of hours cracking and separating 2 – 3 dozen egg whites a day. And, when I cooked them, I knew I was losing about 12% of the protein by damaging part of it in the cooking process. Now that I can drink them, I am getting 12% “MORE” protein in a lot less time and work than it takes to cook, eat, and clean up.”

- Bob Cicherillo / IFBB PRO, Mr. USA, Mr. World, Masters World Champion / Bodybuilding.com Spokesman


Iris Kyle – Best Darn Egg Whites Ever!

“The core of my first meal always consists of egg whites. Before being introduced to Egg Whites International, I figured all egg whites taste the same with similar benefits. So, going for a particular product was the furthest thing from my mind. Now, I can not vision “Ever” using any other brand. I’d rather go without than settle for less. They can be mixed in a shake without having to use a blender, and the ultimate benefit is the amount of Pure Protein you receive. If you’re lacking in your Protein intake and you’re looking for more, look no further – Egg Whites International is your final stop.

Do not procrastinate, I guarantee, you will thank me later. I have no personal gain in sharing, and I never advise others to consume anything unless I truly know first-hand that it’s worth it. And Egg Whites International is truly that and more. Thanks Egg Whites International for the Best Darn Egg Whites ‘Ever’ !”

- Iris Kyle / Ms. Olympia (7x), Ms. International (5x)


Clark Bartram – You Will Be Amazed!

“I’ve been using egg whites from Egg Whites International since the early 90’s! I truly believe this product is something every serious fitness enthusiast needs to get their hands on. Even if fitness isn’t what you do for a living, and you just want convenience then Egg Whites are exactly what you need. Do yourself a favor and at least try them mixed with your favorite flavored protein powder… you will be amazed at how good the taste is.”



Kim Lyons – Friends and Clients are Hooked!

“As one of the trainers on the hit weight loss TV Show “The Biggest Loser” (seasons 3 & 4), I’ve helped millions of people lose weight and reach their goals. I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to make eating healthy and getting enough protein convenient and tasty.

Egg Whites International is always on the top of my recommendations for all my clients. I love them in my shakes and my friends and clients are hooked! Who would have ever thought liquid egg whites could taste so great and without the slimy texture! Awesome! “

- Kim Lyons / NASM CPT / IFBB Pro Fitness / Author "Your Body, Your Life"


Monica Brant – I’ve Been Using Liquid Egg Whites for Years!

“I’ve been using liquid Egg Whites for years now and can’t stop sharing the benefits of them with others. I was able to quit buying/wasting so many eggs from the grocery story (where the checkout person ALWAYS had to comment on my egg supply) Now, I can be like a normal person and just buy the little 1/2 dozen package should I want yolks for any reason!

Egg Whites International has become one of my best fridge friends… so easy to use for mixing in oats or protein shakes for some extra pure protein… as well as cooking up some nice, fluffy scrambled eggs too. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying one of the BEST forms of protein known to mankind for years to come! As always, Stay fit, Love Life & God Bless you! XO

- Monica Brant / ISSA MCPT / Olympia Fitness Champion / IFBB Pro Figure