Children's Nutrition Testimonials


Tim Allen – The Doctor Was Astonished!

“In June 2009, my son Timothy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). At the time, he was 4 months shy of his third birthday. CF is a genetic disease that affects not only pulmonary (lung) function but in many cases, affects the bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients from food. As such, many CF patients have difficulty gaining and maintaining body weight, even though they take enzymes with meals to help them with their nutrient intake. Additionally, we learned that maintaining a healthy weight had a direct affect on the pulmonary function of CF patients. Armed with this knowledge, we were more determined than ever to make sure Timothy gained weight. In our case, Timothy’s CF doctors were recommending that he take in 2000 calories a day.

Timothy did a fairly good job of maintaining his weight throughout the summer and fall. However, in November 2009, he became sick and lost 3 pounds in 3 days. While this does not seem like much, it was nearly 10% of his overall body weight. With the help of numerous doses of antibiotics, he was able to overcome his sickness, but was left at about 33 pounds at Christmas. Throughout January and February 2010, we gave him as much food and weight gain supplements (usually high calorie children’s shakes) as we could. During this time, he was able to gain back just one pound, leaving him at 34 pounds.

In early March, he was hospitalized for 3 days with a respiratory infection. During this time, a friend of mine mentioned that he had begun using liquid egg whites from Egg Whites International. He thought that it might help Timothy to gain weight. I immediately bought them and began to use them the day he got home from the hospital. He typically takes in 1 to 1.5 cups per day, usually in his cereal or milk.

After just two weeks Timothy had already gained 1.5 pounds. The doctor was truly astonished and asked us what we were doing. We were honestly able to say that the only change we had made was to introduce Egg Whites into his daily diet. The dietician was consulted and was extremely concerned about our feeding him egg whites. She stated that raw egg whites would actually keep him from absorbing nutrients. We explained to her that the product we were using was pasteurized and homogenized. However, she had to look for herself, so she went to the Egg Whites International website while we remained in the examining room. She immediately came back and said that there was no problem with us continuing to feed it to Timothy as it was completely safe, but that she did not necessarily agree with us that it was the reason for his weight gain.

Last week, Timothy returned to the doctor for his regular quarterly checkup. We were truly astonished by his weight. During the three months that he had been eating egg whites from Egg Whites International, he gained 4 pounds – more than he gained all last year. We truly believe that his weight gain can be attributed to including egg whites in his daily diet. We have begun communicating this to others within the CF community and can only hope that others have the same great results that Timothy has seen!”

-Tim Allen / Customer and Timothy's dad


Sherry Stevens – We Owe It All To You

“My 10 year old son has been ill most of his life. He started exhibiting extreme food allergy symptoms at 18 months old. After years of many doctors, hospital visits, allergy specialists, pediatric GI specialists, constant blood testing, even biopsy surgery on his intestine and esophagus, we have finally found that he is severely allergic to plant protein based foods. He has fatal anaphylaxis with fruits and vegetables. He vomits when he eats wheat derived products. He is severely under weight and has been diagnosed as ‘Clinically Malnourished”. He can have meats, eggs, cheese, and milk. This can get extremely difficult while trying to plan daily meals for a child. It has been quite a ride!

However, since I’ve discovered Egg Whites International, he has been able to mix it into almost anything and he loves it. At first, I snuck it into his food, cereal, oatmeal, milk shakes, etc. Now, he’s fine with it, and asks for his daily dose. We are so blessed that he can have this miracle product, as it has helped him get his protein, healthy calories, and he doesn’t throw it up!!!!!

He has worked so hard to play sports and we were worried this last year he would not be able to play, as he was so sick this year and under weight. We didn’t think he’d be able to keep the weight on to play through the season. However, he’s been able to keep weight and he’s played this season with his local football team, the Gilbert Dawgs in Gilbert, Arizona, won state championships, and they are off to play national championships this month!

With the help of Egg Whites International, our son has been able to lead a somewhat ‘normal’ life. With this amazing product he has been able to experience the joys of being a kid, sports, and athletic competition. We owe it all to you!

- Sherry Stevens / Customer and mom


Brandon Greensteins – Really Enjoy Your Product!

“I really enjoy your product. Egg Whites International has helped me with my MMA career (Mixed Martial Arts) along with my bodybuilding. I’m 14 years old and more kids my age should think about eating healthy, make better decisions, and discipline themselves more. Working out and training are not the most important things when getting in shape, eating right, making healthy decisions, and cooking your own food are the most important. With Egg Whites International it’s very easy to make myself something to eat for a quick meal and to travel with.

Thanks a lot for putting me up on your website and I hope everything goes great with your business. Please put a shout out to Roccos MMA gym if you could. Also my dad has helped me out a lot with everything too and I couldn’t of done it without him.”

- Brandon Greensteins / Customer / MMA Athlete


Robin Schiek – Thank You Egg Whites International!

“My son is a very discriminating eater and has been his whole life. Food offers no pleasure to him and often is a source of frustration. His diet is not high in protein and in the fall of 2013, at age 9, he wound up in the hospital with what is like a bowel obstruction in an adult. It was very painful and required medical attention. That was a turning point in him wanting to feel better and “eat right”, and even get stronger in recreational sports. He became more open minded but still could not bring himself to eat and try new things.

Enter Egg Whites International… After reading some testimonials in an advertisement in Oxygen Magazine, I decided I’d found the magic to help him gain weight and feel stronger, and therefore feel better about himself. At first I snuck the egg whites into his chocolate milk that I was already putting Miralax into. Every once in a while he’d ask why I was putting water into his milk.

Finally I shared with him what it was and why I was doing it…and he was totally fine with it! Even more fine with it when I asked him to get on the scale; we were both amazed at how much weight he had gained in such a short period of time. In the course of 4 months he had gained 6 pounds, which was huge. He admitted he feels better and stronger and doesn’t take his milk now without the TASTELESS egg whites added to it.

Thank you Egg Whites International… you are part of our household and will continue to be since your product is so wholesome and effective!!! “

- Robin Schiek / Customer


Karen Colasuonno – My Children Are Healthier!

“We started using Egg Whites International for my 2 yr old son who has multiple eating (or lack of eating) problems and had great success with him so we decided to also give the your liquid egg whites to my 4 yr old daughter who had night terrors on a fairly regular basis which doctors could not explain. Immediately her night terrors stopped. My daughter now sleeps through the night and wakes up happy and this has been consistent ever since we started supplementing her diet with Egg Whites International.

In addition, my son who is allergic to the “crack your own eggs” has no problem with Eggwhites International at all. Both my children are healthier by adding this product to their drinks. As a mom I have peace of mind knowing my children are using a safe and beneficial supplement to their diets. Thank you Egg Whites International !”

- Karen Colasuonno / Customer


Amy Lucero – I Am 100% Convinced !

“My name is Amy Lucero – I’m 38, a mother of 2 healthy boys and a new Figure Competitor 🙂 I first ordered Egg Whites International over 7 years ago when I was just getting into “serious” mode with a personal trainer. Finding them through fitness magazine advertisements I placed my order and I have loved them from day 1. They helped me lose over 25lbs and get to 14% body fat! My favorite way to have them was in the morning… egg whites, cold coffee, and flavored creamer 🙂 but I also enjoy egg poppers on my salads, protein pancakes, an array of omelets and protein pudding YUM. Dial ahead 7 years – I start prepping for my first competition… and included my orders of Egg Whites International.

After this order I am fortunate enough to talk with “Mac” over the phone about my goals and how Egg Whites can help even more. The most intriguing part of our talk is how Egg Whites can actually help me sleep! WHAT? He explains how having the Egg Whites just before bed will actually help me sleep better and to try it out. Intense training can be hard on the body – and hard on getting proper rest but we all know how important rest is for life in general and especially for training. Whether we are building muscle or burning fat – our body repairs, builds and “works” when we sleep so that resting energy should be used efficiently and what better way than with pure Egg Whites! I had eaten casein pudding before bed so why not make less of a mess and enjoy it more with an Egg Whites shake! I mean, I had tried Gaba, Melatonin, Sleepy teas, etc… sometimes they worked but not every time which was frustrating.

So, I try out Mac’s “sleep trial” where I track the nights I have the egg whites vs nothing or other supplements. I did this during my entire 4 month prep. EVERY time I drank the egg whites right before bed – I slept through the night with no issues. No getting up to go to the bathroom, no tossing and turning to get comfortable. My muscles weren’t sore in the morning, I felt GOOD like a deep sleep should feel in the morning, even my eyes felt rested and when I started my day I felt ready to go 🙂 This past week, after my competition, I was on a little bit of a high 🙂 I placed 3rd in Novice B Class and 1st in Masters 35+!! So humbling and amazing… but back to having my bedtime issues of tossing and turning. The last 2 nights I’ve taken my egg whites before bed and have slept amazing!

At this point I have completed my sleep trial and I am 100% convinced 🙂 Egg Whites International has permanently changed my bedtime routine and I’m now going to add it to my boys’ routine as well. Who doesn’t want a yummy shake before bed?!

Thank you Mac and the whole Egg Team – your products and support through phone calls and email mean more than you’ll ever know. I feel very blessed to be added to a Team of amazing people and products.”

- Amy Lucero / Figure Competitor