Sport Formula 3 Bottle Special

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Sport Formula Capsules have all the same benefits of the original vitamin powder, but in a convenient, zero-calorie capsule with no sweetener. These capsules work better than typical pills and tablets that only partially dissolve. Benefits of Sports Formula Capsules include better sleep, muscle gain, weight loss, more energy, and alertness. Our capsules are unlike any multivitamin on the market due to their unique health blend and fast acting formula.

These capsules dissolve fast, releasing the same raw powder into your stomach except no flavor, zero calories and contains iron.

This is a One Month Supply Bottle containing 30 ADULT single servings in capsule form.

Each capsule contains a blend of fresh, raw vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and digestive enzymes.

Capsules are made of “FAST MELTING” gelatin.

Each bottle has 30 Adult servings and 75 servings for a child (age 6 up).

Adult serving size is 5 capsules. Child serving (age 6 up) is 2 capsules.