Egg Whites International Played a Major Role in My Nutrition!

“After years of yo-yo dieting and off/on training I found myself in the worst shape of my life! I had aspirations of competing but never had the right tools. My thinking was always short-term and I never really believed in myself to begin with. I had achieved a few fitness goals in the past but immediately followed each triumph with severe depression and regression, each time gaining more weight than the previous times before. In October of 2011, at the age of 31; I finally stepped on a scale and two things happened. I weighed in at the heaviest I’ve ever been (182) and I was NOT upset over it. I knew I did it to myself and I said today is the day that you take charge, believe in you and start loving yourself’.

I decided that my journey forward was not a short-term goal and I DID deserve to achieve my dream of getting on stage. I hired a personal trainer, started networking on Facebook and friended as many inspiring athletes and nutrition companies as I could. My friend showed me an article in Oxygen Magazine for Egg Whites International and I thought I would see what the fuss was all about. Little did I know they would be a major staple in my contest prep!!

During the 1st three months with my trainer (starting at 182 32% bodyfat) I only dropped 3% bodyfat and time was of the essence. So I decided to shop around for a coach that solely trains fitness competitors and by the grace of God Ryan Bentson fell into my lap. In 11 weeks of training with him, following his routine to the exact “T” I dropped 15% bodyfat and by competition day I was down 52 lbs, weighing in at 130 15% bodyfat. We had a lot of work ahead of us so my diet was extremely strict and I all my artificial sweeteners were pulled from my diet so drinking Egg Whites International played a major role in my nutrition. Ryan saw the potential in me and helped me push through the boundaries and breaking past my limits. I finally feel like a real competitor (wait, I AM a real competitor!!)

I turned 32 this year in the best shape of my life and I am eternally grateful! I appreciate all that I have learned and continue to learn daily from fitness enthusiasts and their constant support and dedication to the industry. I’m training for my next show which is coming up September 8th and I am confident that I will step on that stage better than my first time. I am so humble for this opportunity to share my story and I hope to help inspire anyone that has struggled with self-image and not believing in themselves. YOU are your only obstacle, never underestimate your strength. Push yourself to the limit and achieve your dreams!!”