Jason H. – They Really Are Fantastic!

“I have been using your product for about a week now and I wanted to let you know how great it has been. I am probably a little different than your average user. I have a severe pain from a spine injury in the upper back. This means that any pressure from having a full stomach sends me into 10 out of 10 pain. I also have gastroparesis which, in short, is a paralyzed stomach. That in itself causes more pain and solid foods are not digested properly which can lead to all sorts of problems including diabetes. Liquids on the other hand are easily passed on to the small intestine even in someone with gastroparesis.

For most of my life I have tried to be health conscious and have tried just about every protein powder on the market. Some were OK, most were not. I was pretty skeptical about the claim that your egg whites don’t have a taste. My first drink was the pure egg whites and I have to be honest they weren’t bad, but they weren’t good either. I never intended on drinking them by themselves though, so I wasn’t put off. My next drink was in a shake and your claims are true. I did not taste the eggs one bit. They really are fantastic. Although they are more pricey than protein powders, they are well worth it.