Kelli Harsha – What an Awesome Product!

“What an awesome product! I can take in ALL the protein I need and I know my body is getting ALL of it. Not only that but it helped me lose an additional 50 LBS after I already dropped 90 LBS from a previous diet! Thank you so much for such an awesome addition to my everyday diet.

My name is Kelli Harsha, and I have finally decided to write to Egg Whites International about my transformation. I started losing weight about 6 years ago. I walked into a local meeting weighing 288 pounds. Over time I lost 87 pounds. But, we all know that over time we also reach a comfort level and the weight seems to come back faster than it took to get it off. So naturally, I put back on about 25 pounds. I was so upset with myself, not being able to find that motivation that I once had.

My local gym had put on a 12-week body transformation contest. After I was informed that I had won, I knew that I wanted to start competing. I started training for October 2007, after a pretty large weight loss, I started to plateau. Fortunately, a friend had told me about Egg Whites, from Egg Whites International. I found that l was able to get in that extra protein intake that really helped me put on the muscle. They made great protein drinks, with just about any flavor I could come up with. I discovered in my training and research, that the more muscle I could put on, the more fat I would burn. Fortunately Egg Whites helped me really tap into that protein intake that my body really needed.

I entered the stage at that first competition in the Novice Bodybuilding and Figure, weighing 148 pounds, Dropping an additional 60 pounds after I added the Liquid Egg White protein drinks into my diet. Making my total weight loss 140 pounds. With God as my strength, I know I am hooked!!!

I am preparing for my next competitions in August 2008, where I will enter as a Natural Pro-qualifier. If I would of known about Egg Whites International sooner, I would have definitely been taking them long before I did. If I have any words of advice for anyone trying to lose weight, is good things come to those who “weight” it out! If you can SEE it, and you BELIEVE it, than you can ACHIEVE it, and BE it!