Kristine Duba – Makes a Huge Difference !

“Eggwhites International has made it easy for me to get the amount of protein I need in my diet in order to train my hardest and perform my best on the IFBB Fitness stage. I have a busy and very physically demanding job as a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and gymnastics coach. It is not uncommon for me to teach upwards of 15 classes a week on top of my training for fitness competitions. When I am on the go, it is crucial for me to get the right kind nutrients in order to maintain lean muscle and stay energized. Eggwhites International helps me achieve this daily, and for that I am thankful!

My two favorite things about Eggwhites INT is: one, the convenience of having a pre-meausred pump (1 pump is 1 oz, 1 eggwhite, and 3.25g of protein!) so I always know how many grams of protein I am getting and two, the fact that I can use this in any beverage, smoothie, protein shake, or even my cereal… they don’t have to be cooked! It’s like having liquid protein at my disposal in a super high quality form! It’s the small things in life that make a difference and this is one of those small things that makes a HUGE difference!”