Mark Campbell – Getting Faster Results !

“Several of my athletes have been taking egg whites for several months now and are extremely happy. The recovery after workouts is amazing. My athletes are not as sore the next day allowing them to workout harder.

It is so easy to take and you can mix it with anything to flavor it however you want it. I use orange juice and vanilla yogurt to make an orange ‘cream-sicle’ shake. Or I put in peanut butter, chocolate and yogurt in it to make a peanut butter chocolate shake. When I don’t have time for a shake I just drink it straight, as there is no smell and no taste.

I have noticed that my athletes that are taking it are getting faster results than the athletes that aren’t taking it. They are leaning up and getting stronger.

The thing I like most is that egg whites are a whole food and a complete protein, so their bodies will absorb all of the protein and nutrients in it. There is no synthetic anything in it so you are really getting your money’s worth from this product.

Thanks, Egg Whites International, for making a great product that I can trust.”