Michelle Kyparisis – Wow, What a Great Prize !

“I love Egg White’s International liquid egg whites! I was lucky enough to try the product after winning a gift certificate at the show where I received my Pro Card. I was intrigued by the company and I also thought, Wow what a great prize. I really appreciate companies that support natural athletes, and Egg Whites International has great products and a solid reputation. I love the convenience of the egg whites! No more buying cases of 2.5 dozen eggs just to throw away the yolks! I also like that I can stretch my protein powder to last longer, now I only use a 1/2 scoop and instead of water mix in a cup of liquid egg whites which has 26 grams of protein alone for an anabolic muscle boost.

It is also great to make iced coffee drinks with. I blend 1 cup egg whites, instant coffee, ice, and sugar free hazelnut syrup for a salmonella free and very delicious cool summer beverage. The recipes on the website are great and I am constantly coming up with creative ways to use liquid egg whites to get more protein in my diet.”