Rebecca Ward – Stoked I Found These Egg Whites!

“I am a figure competitor with a very sensitive stomach and digestion is a constant struggle especially closer to a show. This year I really honed in on learning what my body considered irritants. The one protein that never bothered me was egg whites so that’s what I ate, seven meals a day for nearly two months as I competed in four shows all two weeks apart. I only wish I would have found Egg Whites International before the end of my season. I just discovered this product. I’ve done a ton of research and am blown away at the quality of this product.

I never used to be able to drink egg whites because of the slimy texture, but I was able to taste this product recently and I am ecstatic to say that the unfavorable texture doesn’t exist! Now I can get the most benefits by drinking them instead of cooking and losing some of that pure protein. I am stoked that I found these egg whites! A diet full of egg whites helped me bring home trophies from every show this year and become NPC Nationally Qualified! Now I’m excited to see what a better quality of egg whites will do for the gains I plan for in the off season!

I am honored to be sponsored athlete for so many reasons, one being the fact that egg whites make up a huge portion of my diet because of my digestion issues. Also because I am passionate about baking and can’t wait to incorporate this product into all my healthy creations! You can do so much with them and Egg Whites International will allow me to maximize the benefits and incorporate all that lovely protein. Here’s to the future gains, CHEERS!”