Robin Schiek – Thank You Egg Whites International!

“My son is a very discriminating eater and has been his whole life. Food offers no pleasure to him and often is a source of frustration. His diet is not high in protein and in the fall of 2013, at age 9, he wound up in the hospital with what is like a bowel obstruction in an adult. It was very painful and required medical attention. That was a turning point in him wanting to feel better and “eat right”, and even get stronger in recreational sports. He became more open minded but still could not bring himself to eat and try new things.

Enter Egg Whites International… After reading some testimonials in an advertisement in Oxygen Magazine, I decided I’d found the magic to help him gain weight and feel stronger, and therefore feel better about himself. At first I snuck the egg whites into his chocolate milk that I was already putting Miralax into. Every once in a while he’d ask why I was putting water into his milk.

Finally I shared with him what it was and why I was doing it…and he was totally fine with it! Even more fine with it when I asked him to get on the scale; we were both amazed at how much weight he had gained in such a short period of time. In the course of 4 months he had gained 6 pounds, which was huge. He admitted he feels better and stronger and doesn’t take his milk now without the TASTELESS egg whites added to it.

Thank you Egg Whites International… you are part of our household and will continue to be since your product is so wholesome and effective!!! “