Saroj Corr – A Huge Staple in My Diet !

“I started using Egg Whites International as a competitor soon after my very first Bikini Body Building Competition. I love the fact that it is pasteurized and lasts in the freezer for 3 months. It saves me money as I buy 2 half gallon or 1 gallon at a time. I mix it daily with my oatmeal and protein and drink it as a shake. It also makes amazing fluffy omelettes and scrambled eggs. Since its flavorless and does not have the eggy flavor, I also add Walden Farm syrups, scramble and and add to oatmeal for a sweet treat in the mornings.

I am a masters bikini athlete, 2X nationally qualified and currently enjoying my off season, bulking and building more mass in preparation for my 2017 season. Egg Whites International is a huge staple in my diet.”