Talla Amini – Changed My Life!

“Egg Whites International has always been a product that I have shared with my fitness community, family, and friends. It has not only changed my life, but has been a huge part of my diet prep, and success of achieving my health and fitness goals. This product is convenient for meal prep, easy to prepare! I can drink it pre and post training and it gives me the energy I need, and helps me recover from a hard workout!

I have been a athlete from a young age playing tennis and performing dance since the age of five. During college I decided to take on bodybuilding, and became a NPC bikini athlete. I have been competing since 2013 and made top 5 my first show, and this year I plan on doing it again! I am very happy to be part of Internal Egg Whites Team, and with the support this year there is going to be great progress and success as a NPC bikini athlete and fitness athlete in the next year!”