Sherry Stevens – We Owe It All To You!

“My 10 year old son has been ill most of his life. He started exhibiting extreme food allergy symptoms at 18 months old. After years of many doctors, hospital visits, allergy specialists, pediatric GI specialists, constant blood testing, even biopsy surgery on his intestine and esophagus, we have finally found that he is severely allergic to plant protein based foods. He has fatal anaphylaxis with fruits and vegetables. He vomits when he eats wheat derived products. He is severely under weight and has been diagnosed as ‘Clinically Malnourished”. He can have meats, eggs, cheese, and milk. This can get extremely difficult while trying to plan daily meals for a child. It has been quite a ride!

However, since I’ve discovered Egg Whites International, he has been able to mix it into almost anything and he loves it. At first, I snuck it into his food, cereal, oatmeal, milk shakes, etc. Now, he’s fine with it, and asks for his daily dose. We are so blessed that he can have this miracle product, as it has helped him get his protein, healthy calories, and he doesn’t throw it up!!!!!

He has worked so hard to play sports and we were worried this last year he would not be able to play, as he was so sick this year and under weight. We didn’t think he’d be able to keep the weight on to play through the season. However, he’s been able to keep weight and he’s played this season with his local football team, the Gilbert Dawgs in Gilbert, Arizona, won state championships, and they are off to play national championships this month!

With the help of Egg Whites International, our son has been able to lead a somewhat ‘normal’ life. With this amazing product he has been able to experience the joys of being a kid, sports, and athletic competition. We owe it all to you!